Tema Sinergie

Safeflow and LFH

Class II Biohazard Safety Cabinet

SAFEFLOW and LFH are Class II biohazard safety cabinets with a GMP grade A laminar flow, with different shielding configurations; they are designed for the manual preparation of Nuclear Medicine and PET radiopharmaceuticals injectable doses.

Radioprotection is granted by high purity lead sheets and HEPA filter. The lead sheet, all around the working area, are overlapped in the contact sides in order to ensure the radioprotection continuity: hence any possible radiation leakage through the shielding structure is avoided.

Sterility is achieved through the Laminar Flow over the complete working area and the use of optional U.V. antibacterial lamp. The high purity level of the air, GMP grade A, guarantees the product sterility.

Safety had been considered as the primary factor in the design of this cabinet. Consistent with this, an alarm condition will be indicated in any potentially dangerous situation. All alarm/warning events will be displayed on the LCD as text messages.

Ergonomics grant the complete access to the working area and the possibility to work in sitting position (stool). Easy operations for cleanliness and maintenance.



SAFEFLOW - Main features

  • n. 1 chamber for generator lifting system. The system can house up to n. 2 cylindrical shaped generator (or n. 2 square shaped generators) with indipendent electromechanical lifting systems
  • dose calibrator shielding area
  • n. 2 removable waste bins
  • n. 2 power sockets
  • n. 1 technical gas tap
  • n. 1 automatic lift for dose calibrator
  • push button control panel and LCD display
  • working area in AISI 316L stainless steel, Scothc Brite finished, with raised edges. Surface with removable internal floor panels and lower raised edge floor, for liquid spillage containment.

Optional features

  • Dose calibrator
  • Lead pot container
  • Syringe shielding
  • μDDS-A automatic dispenser


LFH - Main features

  • n. 2 power sockets
  • n. 1 gas tap
  • push button control panel and LCD display
  • working area in AISI 316L stainless steel, Scotch Brite finished, with raised edges


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Model Ext. Dimensions mm Int. Dimensions mm Sliding Glass Shielding mm Pb Generators, Dose Calibrator Shielding mm Pb. Eq Work Surface, Sides, Back, Waste Area Shielding mm Pb. Eq Waste and Generators Caps Shielding mm Pb. Eq Weight Kg.
5 1.460(w) x 1.020(d) x 2.580(h) 1.190(w) x 580(d) x 740(h) 5 30 5 10 1.450
10 10 30 10 10 1.600
30 30 30 30 10 2.100
L 5 2.070(w) x 1.020(d) x 2.580(h) 1.800(w) x 580(d) x 740(h) 5 30 5 10 1.700
L 10 10 30 10 10 1.900
L 30 30 30 30 10 2.650



Model Ext. Dimensions mm Work Surface Shielding mm Pb Sliding Glass  mm Pb. Eq Weight Kg.
1 1.350(w) x 855(d) x 2.540(h) / / 250
1/10-10 1.460(w) x 970(d) x 2.630(h) 10 10 1.000
1/20-10 20 10 1.350
1/30-30 30 30 1.800