MorGaNA gives a masterclass

Our brand new cold kit labelling device and automatic dispenser for 68Ga was hitting the stage in Poland for a “masterclass” at Radfarm, the Interdisciplinary Studies doctorate.


We enthusiastically accepted Polatom invitation for us to add our contribution to the Radfarm Interdisciplinary Studies doctorate plan, focusing on the in-depth analysis of different perspectives on nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy.

Our Sales Product Specialist Davide di Maria had a couple of hours for sharing our point of view on the state-of-the-art modular systems for the synthesis and administration of radiopharmaceuticals with 20 PhD students and some of their lecturers from four different institutes (University of Warsaw, the Medicine faculty of the University of Warsaw, the Chemistry and Nuclear Technology Institute and the National Centre for Nuclear Research). Our choice, as jointly agreed with Polatom and Radfarm, was then MorGaNA, the new automatic dispensing system for 68-Gallium.






Its cutting edge features make MorGaNA the perfect specimen of state-of-the-art systems in nuclear medicine.




MorGaNA was specifically designed to reconstitute 68Ga cold kits, and can as well work as an automatic dispenser for other radiopharmaceuticals, including FDG. This is what makes the device multi-purpose, as anticipated by its very name which stands for More than Ga68 for Nuclear Applications.


MorGaNA not only provides for the whole process to be automated, from labelling to measuring to dispensing; it also allows complete remote control of the process. Thus, the operator is sure to avoid any risk of exposure, and any microbiological risk is dismissed: two crucial points in modern radiopharmacy.


MorGaNA is compatible with any 68Ga generator, and it can be installed in most of the hot cells available on the international market.

Data management

MorGaNA provides the same safety levels for both operators and data management. Reports and statistics are generated through a dedicated FDA 21 CFR part. 11 compliant software.


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