Italy welcomes innovative 68Ga generator from IRE-ELIT

Germanium (68 Ge) chloride – Gallium (68 Ga) chloride IRE-ELiT 0,74-1,85 GBq radionuclide generator is the official market name for Italy of thenew IRE-ELIT generator which aims at making the 68Ga labelling process easier.

On November 30th 2018 the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Serie Generale n.279 of 30-11-2018) published the MARKETING AUTHORIZATION (AIC) which makes the generator suitable for being marketed in Italy.

The official distributor will be Tema Sinergie, which has over 30 years of experience in the field of nuclear medicine.


Check the Marketing authorization for the medicinal products for human use «Germanium (68 Ge) chloride/Gallium (68 Ga) chloride IRE-ELiT 0,74-1,85 GBq radionuclide generator». (18A07632).


One of the main benefits offered by the new radionuclide generator is the flexibility. It is easily and conveniently suitable for both reconstituting cold kits, and working with synthesis modules.

As the result of a 5-year long research and development process, the IRE generator stands out for its reliability, user-friendliness, efficiency and convenience. Quoting Erich Kollegger, CEO for IRE and IRE ELiT:

“Our Germanium-68 / Gallium-68 generator grants a simple and reliable process, which is also remarkably cost-effective for hospitals. Our goal is to provide groundbreaking solutions for satisfying cancer diagnosis and treatments to fulfill the patients’ expectations.”


Find out more, download the RPC or the official brochure

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