KARL100 installed at Chedis Mahmoudi Hospital a landmark for PET scans in Northern Africa

11 February 2020

Tizi Ouzou sees the first KARL100 based in Algeria, one of the two systems
established in the whole continent.

Tizi Ouzou Chedis-Mahmoudi Hospital Staff with Karl100


Algery mapFollowing the footsteps of KARL100 across the Mediterranean sea, we have met the staff of the Nuclear Medicine department at the Chedis Mahmoudi Hospital in Tizi Ouzou, Algery: here’s where we recently completed the installation of a KARL100 device, for the automatic dispensing and Injection of FDG and Ga68 as well.

The first KARL100 established in Algeria, and the second in Africa, makes such a feature story because our equipment will be supporting the work of one of the very few centres performing PET scans within the compass of thousands of kilometers.

The work of the eight members of the staff of the Nuclear Medicine division at Chedis Mahmoudi Hospital (a cyclotron engineer, two nuclear medicine doctors, a radiochemist, two nurses and two technicians in charge for the radiopharmaceutical dispensing process and the PET scan) is a landmark for the 35 patients whom are treated daily, usually coming from Northern Africa and the sub-Saharian area of Mali, Niger and Mauritania.

We’re really excited to support the work of the Nuclear Medicine department staff at Chedis Mahmoudi Hospital with our technology.




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