karl100.com is online! Check out our brand new website focused on KARL100

16 January 2023

Introducing karl100.com, a brand new website completely focused on our radiopharmaceutical dose administration system for PET and SPECT.

With more than 170 units installed worldwide, KARL100 is certainly one of our most popular and widespread products, bringing innovation and safety in the PET department of hospitals all over the world.

A growing appreciation expressed by users over the years has convinced us to continue investing in KARL100, increasing our efforts in making it known to an increasing number of PET centers.



The idea of ​​creating a website specificially designed for KARL100 stems from this narrative. From the will to offer the chance of getting in touch with a potentially revolutionary product through an immersive, 360 degree experience – starting with the language. The website is presently available in 5 different languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, to make it fast and easy to use for a wider audience.

What’s new?

karl100.com has been designed to go beyond a simple presentation of the product and its technical components, focusing on details which are generally only taken into consideration during a demo.

A quick glance on the Menu will immediately highlight the product Workflow, supported by pictures and explanatory flicks to better explain KARL100 operating cycles.

We have also created a specific section for Rad-Inject, which focuses on the perfect synergy that makes the combination with KARL100 a great asset for every PET center.

Connected through the new site

We took the chence to create new ways for all users to get in touch with KARL100.
karl100.com offers the opportunity to request a virtual and customized product demo.

The website also details all of the trade shows, congresses and exhibitions which will showcase KARL100, and includes the opportunity to schedule an appointment during one of the listed events.



Visit our new website karl100.com

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