MRI accidents: how to reduce the dangerous “projectile effect”

25 February 2020

3 simple best practices could prevent most of the accidents caused by projectile objects in MRI facilities.

Within the MRI’s security zone the magnetic objects represents an underestimated danger, because they can cause serious injuries to patients, medical staff and equipment, as well as expensive and unexpected reboots of the system. The MRI’s magnetic fringe field turns any ferrous object into a dangerous projectile. At present, this phenomenon causes most of the accidents. Therefore it is necessary to prevent it.

According to a study carried out by Metrasens, on the basis of the data supplied by FDA through his MedWatch Program, the 69% of the accidents caused by bullet objects, registered in the USA between 2015 and 2016, could have been prevented by taking these 3 best practices:


4-zone model linking access to screening-supervision

Label objects within the MRI suite for MR conditions - safety

Ferromagnetic detection systems for additional screening and protection


The Lawgiver took action to underline the importance of the last best practice. Starting from October 10, 2018 the use of ferromagnetic detection systems is no longer just a recommendation but it has become a legal obligation.

The decree dated August 10, 2018 has redefined the security standards by including this instrument inside the general security procedures to enter the MRI’s zone.

For more information please read the decree click here.



Discover how the Ferroguard systems can reduce the accidents due to projectile objects.


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