New safety standards for Magnetic Resonance

22 November 2018

Ferromagnetic risk detection systems for RM facilities are now mandatory by italian law.

The administrative order issued on August 10th 2018 has changed the safety standards for the use of RM devices. Presently, the use of ferromagnetic detection systems in RM zones has now become mandatory.


This precaution had been only strongly suggested until October 10th 2018, but this new administrative order makes it mandatory, and integrated with the general safety methods for access regulation in RM facilities.


DECRETO 10 agosto 2018 – Determinazione degli standard di sicurezza e impiego per le apparecchiature a risonanza magnetica.

Gazzetta Ufficiale Della Repubblica Italiana.
Serie generale n. 236



According to the law, the detection system needs to present some specific features such as avoiding obstruction of access aisles to operators and patients at any rate, and discourage the use of metal detectors not operating any distinction between metallic and ferrous metals.

This regulatory framework given, Ferroguard is offering the best ferromagnetic detection solutions to comply with the brand new safety standards in RM zones, presenting actual data to support MRI personnel and improve the overall effectiveness of safety processes.


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