Our Pass Box chosen by AJ Vaccines for the new laboratories

16 January 2019

2019 starts off great for Tema Sinergie!
The first installation that ushers in the new working year was effectively completed at Copenhagen, Denmark.


Last week we successfully completed on-site validation activities of a special version of the Active Bio-decon Pass Through Chamber (AB-PTC) with an integrated vaporised hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination system; the equipment has been developed for the Danish pharmaceutical company AJ Vaccines, specialized in vaccines production.



The Pass Box, located in the new dedicated area for Poliovaccines production, will enable operators to transfer to the outside materials handled inside of the new Class C production laboratory, avoiding any potential contamination between the two environments, thanks to the air-tight Bio-seals applied to doors and sheathings.

The aseptic conditions are guaranteed by an engineered ventilation and filtration system, inflatable seals made of FDA-approved White Silicon and a Vapour Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) bio-decontamination system for very fast bio-decon cycles.

We are very satisfied with this new application and we are sure it will bring great value to the AJ Vaccines production process.



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