Active Bio-decon Walk-In Pass Through Chambers

Active Bio-decon Walk-In Pass Through Chambers

Active Bio-decon Walk-in Pass Through Chambers enable aseptic transfer of material into cleanrooms.

The materials are sterilized in the Pass Through Chamber by means of an integrated Bio-decontamination system.

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Tema Sinergie has developed a custom-designed Walk-in Active Bio-decon Pass Through Chamber for our facility in Reykjavik and delivered two of those to us.
It is a pleasure to see how precisely and efficiently the Pass Through Chambers work, and they are just a pure joy to look at!
We have appreciated how Tema Sinergie professionally dealt with each step of the project through friendly correspondence and cooperation from the initial phases of the project through on-site installation and validation of the equipment. The chambers are currently in complete operational readiness, and successfully support our aseptic processing.


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The integrated ventilation system of the chamber guarantees a pressure cascade between the adjoining
rooms and the chamber itself.

This cascade preserves the asepsis of the materials after the termination of bio-decontamination process prior to extraction into the cleanroom.

Custom designed to fit individual applications.

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