CRP Compact

Automatic filling unit for open and closed vials

CRP is a precise and compact system for dispensing and sealing both open and closed vials of radiopharmaceuticals in sterile conditions. It allows safe and rapid radiopharmaceutical dispensing into vials minimizing the operator’s tasks.

The system automatically performs the following functions:

  • Measuring both total and specific activity delivered by the synthesis module
  • Diluting the main vial to the required specific activity
  • Filling open or closed vials, controlling the volume, using a built-in high precision electronic scale
  • Plugging and crimping the filled vial (if using open vials)
Available downloads:
  • CRP Compact - Brochure

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It is suitable for any laminar flow hot cell with a dose calibrator and tele-plier. It can dispense both open and closed vials.


It can be used for dispensing a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals in vials in compliance with current GMP.


The automatic system is easy to use ande extremely precise and reliable. It can be provided with an additional balance (optional) for the quick calculation of the activity concentration in the mother vial.


CRP installed around the world

Flex hot cell with CRP

Flex hot cell with CRP and Autoclave

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