Radioactive waste disposal plants

Tema Sinergie designs and manufactures fully automated draining plants for:

  • collection of radioactive liquid and organic wastes coming from the wards
  • biological degradation of sewages
  • storage into tanks up to the needed decay
  • check and record of data
Available downloads:
  • LRD LRT EDEC - Brochure

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LRD and LRT are large dimension plants for draining and processing contaminated liquid and solid waste. These plants can manage different kinds of radioisotopes. LRD is dedicated to the Diagnostic, LRT to the Therapy departments. In most cases, they are used together for both applications as LRD/LRT.

EDEC and EDEC-S are plants of compact dimensions. EDEC is for treating liquids only, while EDEC-S can process both liquid and solid waste. These plants are dedicated to short-life radioisotopes.

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