Nuclear Medicine Hot Cell

Designed for the preparation of gamma and beta radiopharmaceuticals, NMC PRI 2 is an evolution of NMC PRI that grants:

  • Greater efficiency, thanks to the new ventilation system which reduces the internal temperature and power consumption;
  • Flexible design, for easier options upgrade;
  • Direct VPN connectivity, for faster remote teleassistance;
  • Worldwide electrical compatibility.

Fully GMP compliant.

Available downloads:
  • NMC PRI 2 Brochure

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  • Main double door: Shielded door for radioprotection and Polycarbonate door for airtight and gloves mounting. The 2 doors are independent and open separately.
  • N.1 pre-chamber with automatic carousel and lifting system for housing either Tc99m or 68Ge/Ga generators. The carousel can house from 2 to 4 generators, according to their dimensions and shape.
  • The carousel can be for lead pot housing/lifting.
  • N. 1 pre-chamber for disposable and syringes introduction/extraction.
  • Operator Panel Touch Screen PC: operator software interface for system control, data saving and display, data traceability GMP compliant.
  • N. 2 gloves fixed on the Polycarbonate door.
  • Dose calibrator shielded area.
  • N. 2 waste bins: capacity 5 1t. each, extractable through the pre-chamber.
  • Multi diameter sealed pass-through system (Roxtec) for cables.
  • N. 2 electrical sockets.
  • Special stainless steel flange with air-tight passages for capillaries.

Active Safeties

  • AIS: GM tube for door interlock system that prevents the main door opening when the activity level inside the cell overcomes the alarm threshold (the threshold can be set by the operator).
  • Software control for cell parameters (negative pressure, filter clogging, ventilation status, UV light timer, etc.).
  • N. 1 manometer for continuous pressure status visualization.
  • N. 1 U.V. antibacterial lamp.

OPTION – CES: GM tube continuous radiation monitor on hot cell exhaust air, to control the radioactive gas release, via closure of inlet and outlet ducts until a complete decay.


  • Working area air quality classification: GMP grade A.
  • lnlet filter: HEPA H14.
  • Outlet filter: HEPA H14 + active charcoal.
  • Main filter: HEPA H14 with laminar air flow on complete surface.
  • N.2 pre-chambers air quality classification: GMP grade B.
  • The inflatable seals grant a Class Il air tightness (ISO 10648:2). This feature classifies the hot cell to the range of an isolator.
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