Research Hot Cell

RES 2 is a GMP grade B isolator for radiopharmaceutical research, with turbulent flow involving the whole working area.
Radiopharmaceuticals synthesis and manipulations take place in a controlled and safe environment as RES 2 has been specifically designed to comply to the latest GMP guidelines. Its inflatable seals are granting an ISO 10648:2 air tightness.

A smart ventilation system keeps both the pressure inside the hot cell and the air exchange constant, independently from building HVAC and filter clogging, and even in cases of: non efficient internal leak tightness – breaking of the gloves – breaking of the teletong booting.
The manipulation can be processed through the teletong and/or telemanipulators.

Available downloads:
  • RES 2 - Brochure

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  • n.1 air-tight, shielded and vented pre-chamber (double door drawer)
  • vial extraction system (double door tunnel) + drawer for Lead pot retrieval with automatic lid positioning
  • only predisposition for n. 2 telemanipulators (not included)
  • n.1 teletong
  • integrated shielded area for dose calibrator
  • protective coating in the internal area (option)
  • autoclave for final sterilization (option)
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