High Care, Better Life is the new Tema Sinergie campaign in favor of sustainability. A sentence that combines our philosophy with the promise we make every day to customers, partners, collaborators, suppliers and also to ourselves.

We think that today a company can no longer neglect ecological and social aspects to make a difference. These goals are linked in an increasingly close relationship with economic results.

This is the path we intended to follow and to which we dedicated our commitment since Tema Sinergie’s foundation, but now we think this engagement must be even better organized, structured and planned. Today, we want to give even more strength to these important actions, not only for our business but, above all, for the community to which we have always tried to give our contribution.

With High Care, Better Life we ​​introduce actions not only to change behaviors, but also to raise awareness among people and change their mindset on this issue, till charting a new course. This is the only way to truly create a virtuous circle with a real impact, always keeping people at the heart of this commitment.

Below, you can discover some of the existing initiatives in Tema Sinergie.


We have chosen to adopt photovoltaic systems to produce renewable energy, in order to cover our daily electrical needs as much as possible. The expansion of our headquarters – currently underway – represents the occasion to add a new photovoltaic plant to the two existing ones. The new plant will exceed the production capacity offered by the two existing ones.


Each employee is provided with a 24Bottles stainless steel thermal water bottle that can be used for drinking, thus avoiding plastic bottles. For this purpose, the company has inserted dispensers for still and sparkling water in many internal refreshment areas.

The choice of partner is also important, which is why we have carefully selected it:


We have introduced brick water to allow not only our employees, but also all visitors to our company to consume water without using plastic bottles. Furthermore, all the cups we use are also made of paper. The same goes for our booth organization during exhibitions. This allows us to expand the incentive to reduce the use of plastic, moving beyond the group of our employees, with a good input for everyone.

Also in this case, our partner choice was accurate and fundamental:


With the aim of discouraging the individual use of private cars, the company has implemented various actions. We took part in the “Bike To Work” call promoted by the Municipality of Faenza, which guarantees incentives on a kilometric basis for those who go to office with their bicycle.

Furthermore, in order to encourage participation, we have created guarded and video-monitored bicycle spaces as well as electric charging stations for e-bikes. E-bikes are available to all employees: their use is regulated through a company booking system and a use policy.

In addition to the municipal call mentioned above, Tema Sinergie proposes its own internal “competition” to further raise awareness of the importance of this topic. It is a team challenge that rewards with shopping vouchers those who travel the most kilometers using sustainable means on their home-work journey, in certain periods of time.

Finally, within the company Welfare Plan, we support the use of public transport by guaranteeing the reimbursement of season tickets to employees


Shipments are an important part of our daily work, so we chose a sustainable method to manage them.

Our partner DHL, through the GOGREEN+ program, allows us to reduce emissions thanks to international shipments by air (import and export) with a low environmental impact.

As an alternative to traditional fuel, Sustainable Aviation Fuel is used. While the fuel is obtained from petroleum, SAF is produced from more sustainable alternative raw materials, such as used cooking oil, corn, waste, hydrogen or CO2 synthesis.

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