Tema Sinergie presents ASTER, the innovative system for managing radiometabolic therapies in Nuclear Medicine

20 February 2023

An innovative solution, capable of transforming the management processes of radiopharmaceuticals used in theragnostics and making the administration of radiometabolic therapies simpler and safer.



ASTER is a concept for the infusion of radiopharmaceuticals and will be available on the market starting from 2023.
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In the last few years, the development of effective radiometabolic therapies has led to the emergence of the Theragnostic approach as a specific application of nuclear medicine.

Very quickly, from being an experimental therapy, Theragnostics is gradually becoming a treatment protocol increasingly used by nuclear medicine departments. And with the increase in treatments, the critical issues associated with a completely manual handling of radiopharmaceuticals and administration to patients could result in complications for the entire department.

ASTER was created to respond to these critical issues and to support those nuclear medicine departments wishing to increase their Theragnostic activity or start new treatments with radiometabolic therapies. Find out how


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A unique system for the complete management of the radiopharmaceutical administration process in Theragnostics.

The completely manual administration of radiopharmaceuticals, even with moderate activity such as those used in Theragnostics, always involves numerous critical issues. From the exposure to which operators and patients are potentially subjected, to the possibility of department contamination due to accidental radiopharmaceutical spills.

ASTER is a system composed of 5 elements, each of which is designed to simplify and make safer the entire process for administering radiometabolic therapies.


The ASTER system



Infusion Pump

Compared to manual administration systems, the use of a built-in pump offers the possibility to have full control of all infusion parameters. A nice advantage in terms of safety both for the patient, who no longer runs the risk of being subjected to infusions too quickly, and for the operator, who no longer has to monitor the entire process, thus reducing their own exposure.

In addition, the control offered by the use of a pump allows the administration to be stopped immediately and safely if necessary.

But the most innovative component is certainly the Disposable Transfer Set.


Disposable Transfer Set

It is a kit specifically designed to avoid direct contact between vial and operator while reducing the risk of contamination.

In particular, the punching device is designed to be fixed above the pot and align perfectly with the hole. In this way, it will be possible to perforate the vial avoiding risks for the operator as well as possible contact with the leadpod, which could compromise the sterility of the kit.

There is also a system on the punching device to retain any radiopharmaceutical droplets that may be found in the needle used. This minimises any risk of contamination due to accidental leaks. In addition, the safety lock protects the operator from unintentional punctures.


Lead Glass Pot

The glass lead pot allows for constant visibility of the contents and excellent shielding from radiation during the entire administration phase.


ASTER è un concept per l’infusione di radiofarmaci e sarà disponibile sul mercato a partire dal 2023.
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