Tema Sinergie is the distributor for Italy of the following prestigious companies:

Game changing technology: Absorbable hydrogel spacer to avoid rectal complications during prostate cancer radiotherapy.

The leading provider of comprehensive solutions for patient positioning and immobilization in radiotherapy.

Reliability, accuracy, automation and continuos development have made Pinnacle3 the #1 radiation treatment planning system.

Worldwide reference company #1 for dosimetry and QA in radiation medicine.

The inventor and #1 market leader of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT).

Deeply innovative solutions for safety and integrated workflow management in radiotherapy.

World leader company for advanced imaging solutions.

A new paradigm for the treatment of breast cancer.

Worldwide leading reference on oncology hyperthermia.

Advance and esclusive patient transfer solutions.

Technology to fully utilize the potential of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in radiotherapy planning.

Anthropomorphic phantoms with a level of realisticity never seen before in terms of anatomy and tissue equivalence.
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