Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital invests in Oncological Hyperthermia

17 January 2020

Currently the only Italian centre which can provide radiative deep hyperthermia treatments was launched in the renovated Radiation Oncology department in Rome.




Improving the effectiveness of systemic and regional treatments without increasing the toxicity on patients. This is the purpose of the new Pyrexar deep hyperthermia system which has been operating since last November at the Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico.

This is a tested and validated treatment proven by several clinical studies, that positively affects several of the most common tumors such as sarcoma, pancreas, colon-rectum, as well as head and neck, breast and pelvis occurrences. Hyperthermia is currently scarcely used in Italy, much less than in northern European and North American countries, where, as Prof. Lucio Trodella (Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico) points out, is presently used as an addition to chemo and/or radiation therapy:


“As of today, we are the one and only Italian centre to use a radiative deep hyperthermia device, which is now widespread primarily in North European countries and USA.”


In detail, Policlinico Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital has now a superficial & interstitial hyperthermia (BSD 500) and a deep regional hyperthermia (BSD 2000) system, a flagship for the renovated Radiation Oncology department. BSD 2000 applies a specific radio-freq allowing for accurate placement of the heat zone and assurance of target temperature optimization according to the tumor dimension and placement, thus increasing the effectiveness of chemo and radiation therapy.


By heating the tumor cells up to 40-45°C we can induce their death while preserving the healthy tissue, but most importantly we make the tumor cells more sensible to chemo and/or radiation therapy, which are combined with hyperthermia treatments.
This process
considerably improves the effectiveness of the treatments, without increasing the toxicity on patients”. (Prof. Lucio Trodella from Campus Bio-medico).


The choice of Campus Bio-Medico to invest on deep hyperthermia technologies is included in a wider and farsighted renovating project of the Radiation Oncology department involving both technologies and well-being of the patients.


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