Containment systems

Maximizing operator protection is the primary characteristic of a containment isolator: Tema Sinergie Containment Isolators have been designed for handling high potent compounds and offer guaranteed very high levels of user protection.
Operator safety is indeed crucial because of the potential dangerous nature of the products.
Tema Sinergie Containment Isolators, thanks to a perfect combination of design and manufacturing strategies assure a 100% OEL5 (≤50 ng /m3).
Product Transfer, Manual Sampling, Weighing and Dispensing operations of High Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HAPIs) are some of the default activities our Containment Isolators are designed for, to cover a wide range of processes, from HPAPI synthesis to final formulation for both R&D and production.

Various solutions for chemical synthesis and manufacturing processes that comply with user requirements are available, such as standard and custom-designed Multi-stages Containment Isolator Systems in compliance with Class 2 leakage testing according to ISO 10648-2.
Explosive proof (ATEX) compliant applications available.
Full integration of process equipment, such as Vacuum Dryers, Reactors, Weighing Scales, and High Containment Split Butterfly Valves (HCSBv) possible.

Analytical Testing Isolator System

Designed for pharmaceutical industries


High Containment Isolator System

Continuous Liner System

Continuous Liner System

SHR 500

Thermal welder

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