Automatic Glove Leak Tester

The most advanced GMP compliant glove leak tester for isolators and RABs in the pharmaceutical industry, developed in compliance with the international standard ISO 14644-7 Annex E5.


It’s advanced. It’s automatic. It’s above everything you have used so far.

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Nowadays, end users of aseptic filling lines are more conscious that glove leak testing is a fundamental procedure, in the direction of the Quality-by-Design approach. The Automatic Glove Leak Testing System (AGLTS) by Tema Sinergie is perfectly integrated into our aseptic filling line package, providing a reliable and easy-to-use solution to glove integrity testing.

Marco Preus

Aseptic Processing, Sales Director Asia-Pacific
(former Product Manager – Isolation Technology)
IMA Life Division – IMA Pharma – IMA Group

Glove testing is a key element in our aseptic process operations. Unfortunately, we are most of the time chained with RABS / isolator suppliers: use of their own system without other possibilities neither flexibility between suppliers. That’s the reason why we were really interested at first sight to AGLTS from Tema Sinergie, as it is possible to adapt their equipment to our gloves with a format part. Wireless, flexibility (no compressed air required) were two other key parameters that lead us to try this equipment. Being one of the first user to choose AGLTS in 2014, we have been able to recommend some upgrades to improve the system, which are currently fully completed, but we are very pleased to use this type of system in our production units.


Coordinateur Projets MSFP - Projects Director F&FD
Sanofi Pasteur


AGLTS installed around the World


A user-friendly interface allows the operator to run the testing unit through basic and intuitive commands. Real time system status can be checked at all times by a supervisor.


AGLTS requires no external compressed air piping or power supply cables: all the essential pneumatic equipment and a durable Lithium battery are integrated into the testing device.


The custom-designed glove port adaptor allows AGLTS to fit every kind of glove ports. Including yours!


From few to numerous gloves to be tested, AGLTS has it all. Integrated configurations of AGLTS can be upgraded to any number of testing units for a faster parallel performance. Each glove is recognized by means of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for a smart and easy glove management.


Fast and efficient, AGLTS detects holes down to 100 μm diameter in less than 8 minutes.


Data can be sent to a supervisor via TCP/IP-based wireless transmission protocol.


A supervisor PC equipped with a dedicated iFix / Historian Data Management Software (DMS) from GE Digital is available for storage and report of the transmitted data. Implementation on customer’s Virtual machine is also possible as option, upon specific customer request.


  • Manufacturing materials resistant to sanitizing agents and bio-decontamination processes
  • Automatic complete testing procedures
  • Parametric testing formulas
  • Integrated pneumatic circuit
  • Complete encrypted data/reports storage and download via SD card
  • Testing time within 8 minutes, depending on both glove material and dimension
  • Standard ergonomic docking station made of SS304 (configurations for 4, 5, 6 and 8 testing units available)
  • Custom deisgned docking station made of SS304 available upon specific request
  • Low start-up costs


  • Saving production time in isolated filling lines, stand-alone isolator systems, and RABS Technology
  • Avoiding operator mistakes
  • Detecting small holes in the gloves (≥ 100 μm)
  • Data consulting can be done outside the classified environment
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